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Mon, 31 May 2021 02:19:17 +0000 casd Getting Started with Postman This tutorial requires you to setup a RecordsKeeper blockchain and run the APIs through the Postman client. If you have not done so already, please download and install RecordsKeeper on a server. If you are using the RecordsKeeper blockchain on Windows, please read the Installation of Windows notes to adapt the instructions below. Download the latest RecordsKeeper build and put the downloaded files under the root folder. You can also run these commands from the folder where the files are present. Download the Postman client from here. Postman client Settings Set the following parameters to request JSON RPC commands for RecordsKeeper. Request-type Select POST method in Postman client for using RecordsKeeper JSON RPC APIs. Endpoint Enter the following endpoint in the url: Authorization To setup authorization parameters, first select the type of Authentication to: Basic Auth. You have to enter the username and password for your node for authorization, which you can access through rk.conf built in your recordskeeper directory. Linux (Ubuntu): From your terminal run following commands: 1157 bytes mmyXXm5xw8hgtod86ThQwYgTZZpbP5TQ3n 72db56d0cfa81e93aabf12ac1cb476e4752b789d73221537c0e1801e85585cbe