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Tue, 10 Aug 2021 01:47:57 +0000 RecorderKeeper For the purposes of the Committee, the concept of context is related to the environment of the record, as the creation stage - that is, the function that created the record. There are at least three aspects of the context of a record. First,there is the contextual information contained in the record (for instance, the signature of the executive officer). Second, there is the relationship between a record and other records in the fond. And third, there is the activity in which the record was created. The concept of structure is related to how the record is recorded, which includes the use of symbols, layout, format, medium, etc. For electronic records it is convenient to distinguish between physical and logical structure - see Section 2.2 below. This concept of a record applies regardless of the format or medium of recording. According to the concept, a record must be related to an activity or action carried out by a corporate body (an institution, agency, company, etc.) or by an individual. This activity and the function it supports determine the provenance of the record, and the record provides evidence of that activity. Recording and the use of symbols: The content of a traditional record is recorded on a medium (paper, etc.)and by means of symbols (alphabet, figures, etc.) that can be directly accessed (read) by a human being. The content of an electronic record, however, is recorded in a way and on a medium (high density on a magnetic or optical device) that cannot be directly accessed (read) by a human being, and it is represented by symbols (binary digits) that must be decoded. In general, when an electronic record is produced and stored, it istransferred and transformed from a human-readable to a machine-readable format. This machine-readable version is the recorded piece of information which constitutes the record. For retrieval of the record, the transfer and the transformation go the other way. As human beings cannot read an electronic record as it is, it is crucial that the transformation back to human-readable format follows the same specifications as were used for the transformation in the first place. To achieve this requires not only preserving the records, but also access to the necessary equipment (hardware and software) to read the records and make the correct transformations plus the controls to ensure that what one sees is what is recorded. 2410 bytes mgV7ehART47vpeFYZikpXU1jioymHFaQ35 4db3888dee5b005eae6e701ade30e0c18235345ab60a1ee4ebda29785eed7bca
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